Tuesday, September 21, 2010

J Reno Business Card

I have designed this business card to be fun yet professional at the same time. The illustrations help customer what the company does regardless of culture. The colours are strategically chosen to prompt the user's memory of hardware stores, i.e. Home Depot and Rona.

J Reno is a renovation company specializes in handy man work, painting, cleaning & Junk Removal. A few months back J Reno has renovated a basement from unfinished to finished & furnished. It is a special renovation company that focuses on excellence and good character (which the industry is much needed).

Check out http://www.jreno.net/ or contact 416 887 5331 for Jonathan

Fruit of the Spirit

This is one of the creative projects I have done for fun. Each of the Fruit of the Spirit is matched with a verse.